Week 8 Task – Christmas Poll


Book Review – Speak

I finished my new favorite book a couple months ago Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson. The book is about a girl, Melinda who previously went to a party in the summer with one of her friends. She split up with her friend and started to wander around by herself. She found this drunk highschool boy and he started to touch her.  It led to the boy raping Melinda . Now school has started and she doesn´t have many friends, and she is struggling with school.

Emoji Story- Week 4 Task

             👨‍🎩 🐐🍰

Once upon a time there was a magician.  But instead of a bunny he had a goat. His goat was trained to do all of the magicians tricks, but one.  One day as they where performing, the goat out did himself and went way beyond and did a trick the magician was trying to teach him; but they goat was not cooperating.  So the magician rewarded his little magician with a piece of cake.

My Commenting Experience

This week we where assigned to make two quality comments on another bloggers post. I commented on Rylee´s post about how to make S´mores brownies. I told Rylee about how I personally love baking on my freetime, and that she is doing a great job on her posts. I also commented on Kristina´s blog.  I asked her what movies she was in. And did they come out on DVD. Kristina also did an awesome job on her blog post

Rylee´s blog 

Kristina´s Blog

Fall Gatherings


The fresh wind blows the leaves

      They drop one by one

       I step off the deck


The decaying leaves crunch under my boots

I can’t  wait till our friends and family arrive

      I go to gather some firewood


Our friends and family are almost here

I prepare some goodies for our guests

       I set up our gathering area  


We start  the small fire

The flames begin to expand

Our friends and family are starting to arrive


We all gather around the fire

Fill our stomachs with food

And say our goodbyes until next time